About Gabriella Ganugi

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Gabriella Ganugi was born and raised in Florence, Italy. She attended the Art Institute in Florence as a high school student and received her university degree in Architecture, one of the passions of her life. She was also able to express her aesthetic sense in the kitchen, and dedicate herself to preparing dishes learned both at home from her grandmother and mother, and elsewhere. As she likes to say, «The kitchen and recipes are the bookmark of my life.» In 1997, she fulfilled her first dream by founding the Apicius International School of Hospitality. She continued her successful path by founding the FUA, Florence University of the Arts, which teaches many disciplines and aims to train international students at all levels. The FUA is affiliated with more than 100 universities around the world. In 2010, she received the AIAE «Educator of the Year» award in New York, and in the same year was recognized by the Florence Chamber of Commerce for her female entrepreneurship. In May 2012, she also received the award for «Global Leadership in International Education» at the University of South Florida. She now lives between Florence and New York City. She is the author of sixteen books on Italian cuisine. Her memoir, La bambina che contava le formiche, published by Ugo Mursia Editore in Italy, recounts the story of a young Tuscan girl who grows up to make an impact on international education.