USF President’s Global Leadership Award 2012 GABRIELLA GANUGI

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Dr. Ganugi was recognized by USF for her extraordinary efforts in international leadership and accomplishments.

Tampa, FL – FUA and Palazzi founder and president Gabriella Ganugi was the recipient of the President’s Global Leadership Award at the graduation commencement ceremony of the University of South Florida. Along with fellow recipient Sir Steve Smith of the University of Exeter, England, Dr. Ganugi was recognized for her extraordinary efforts in international leadership and accomplishments. The award is USF’s highest recognition and was conferred by University President Judy Genshaft during the May 4-5 commencement ceremony in Tampa, Florida.

The recognition is a result of a long-standing and growing collaboration between USF and Palazzi/FUA as a cooperative initiative to provide quality, sustainable opportunities for international studies in Florence, Italy. In the past two years, over 140 USF students have benefited from the institutional relationship. A particularly significant aspect of the programs offered in Florence that has distinguished FUA is the presence of the institution’s experiential learning centers such as Ganzo, Fly, Fedora, Corridoio Fiorentino and F_AIR, each closely integrated to FUA academic departments and open to the local community in order to foster cultural integration and interchange between the FUA student body and the city of Florence.

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